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Fuck Barack Hussein Obama

Posted by mah29001 on July 8, 2016

Aside from being a secret Muslim the way Christopher Columbus was a secret Jew (but in the opposite way), Obama is nothing more than one of the most racist modern US Presidents of our time.  How dare he wail about the opposition inciting violence and division with people like Donald Trump when this is a cause he’s praising and supporting.

Remember that knife that was allegedly the real murder weapon on OJ Simpson’s property being buried and having even the LAPD detectives not investigate it when they had the chance?  He wailed about that too, OJ was innocent, innocent he tells you like the cause of Black Lies Matters told everyone OJ was innocent, innocent theys told you…they’re pathetic.

Supporting a black celebrity because he’s black instead of looking at the deed he committed is the most racist thing you can pretty much do.  The shooting in Dallas is also another incident and reminder of what a racist, thuggish cause Black Lies Matters is.


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