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Glenn Beck Peddling Republican Convention Chaos Rumors

Posted by mah29001 on June 21, 2016

Yep, that crazy Cheetos moron Glenn Beck is responsible for spreading the rumors of there being convention chaos for the Republicans next month.  Glenn’s desperate, he wants #TrickyTed to still be the party’s nomination even though Ted himself stated he won’t contest the nomination process.  #CheetosGlenn along with his fellow supporters of the National Review with ilk such as David French have been spreading the rumors and lies claiming the delegates are not bound to their candidate which is 1000 percent wrong!

They are, those are the convention rules.  It’s already too late to change them, and they’re not the ones behind the rules committee of the convention.  The reason why they’re spreading these rumors is that they’re sore losers and that they’re desperate, desperate idiots.  Yep, they’re idiots who’d rather see Hillary Clinton as President instead of Donald Trump with these stunts.

I’m sick of this behavior, they really need to be slapped in the face for embracing these lies and desperate tactics.  #TrickyTed will never get my vote in 2020, he’s scum.


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