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Obama Will Convert To Islam Either Under Hillary Or Trump

Posted by mah29001 on June 16, 2016

Yes, this SOB, this traitor is a Muslim, remember how people claim Christopher Columbus was a secret Jew?  Well it’s about the same thing with Barack Hussein Obama.  He is a secret Muslim, he regularly defends Islam way more than the average American.  It’s very clear even after the Orlando massacre he’s going to defend Islam, even if Islam were to commit the worse atrocity, even far worse than the Orlando massacre that happened last weekend.

Such as car bombings or worse a weapons of mass destruction attack on our soil.  Obama is a Muslim, he’s NOT a Christian or a closet Atheist.  He is a closet Muslim, no matter who wins in November, this traitor will convert to Islam after a few years of the new administration or even after the first term.


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