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The Left And Islam Rig Elections In The West

Posted by mah29001 on June 14, 2016

It’s the obvious to how Obama got elected eight years ago, because of the Left’s alliance with Islam.  They don’t care about the electoral process they want to win elections even while they cheat average citizens out of a vote.  In London is another example of the Left and Islam joining forces where we have a hapless mayor who praised the 9/11 attacks be “elected” while he prevented London Jews from voting.

Oh yea, the Left’s okay with anti-Semitism if it’s displayed by the Muslims.  They have no problems with that, look at our college campuses filled with this Left-Islam alliance crap.  They run the student governments, they rig the system so that their causes are only presented.  I’ve just about have had enough of them, they do not represent a free society anymore rather the opposite.

The Left-Islam Alliance indeed will spell the doom of Western civilization and they must be annihilated altogether.  I don’t know if it should be done by the ballot since it’s obvious even in this election they’re promoting every media outlet to favor Hillary Clinton and promote the gun control nonsense.  No, We the People must rise up and take back the Western civilization from the brink of collapse and destruction.

This cannot go on any longer.

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