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The Philosophies Of Ward Churchill And Jeremiah Wright Want Their Own Leftist Cretins To Die

Posted by mah29001 on June 13, 2016

Yep, that is the very message of “Chickens Come Home To Roast”, the Left are willing and waiting to become martyrs of anti-Americanism and revenge for colonialism in the name of propping up another culture and religion to takeover their own.  They cannot tolerate it, so this is why their behavior exists to be like this.

They’re like lemming going off a cliff, one, by one and they couldn’t care less.  This is also the philosophy driving the Obama administration and to a certain extent Hillary Clinton who has pandered to this brand of anti-Americanism for the past eight years which ironically her husband Bill has ridiculed as a major disaster for average Americans and he’s right!

That’s the only part of the Clintons that’d get a thumbs up from me, but NOT a vote.  They hate Black Lies Matters, but Hillary had to stomach it in to get her to become legitimate in their eyes after the 2008 election.  BLM wasn’t really a cause, but it’s racist, anti-American message was there.

Obama just propped them up along with a similar cause Occupy Wall Street even when he has made money from Wall Street itself.

Now if all of Hillary’s supporters ended up behaving like her husband Bill in blaming Obama, blaming Obama, blaming Obama but not by name.  Well voters who have a brain will say, wait a second, why should we vote for a pretender?  When we should vote for someone like Trump?  It would then have them changing their minds during the summer months which the polls would hopefully swing in Donald’s way into the fall where Hillary would soon find herself to be like Mitt Romney was only getting one bump in October then get destroyed in the general election.

Hope that is the case.


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