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ISIS Placing Average Americans On Kill Lists

Posted by mah29001 on June 13, 2016

Yea, just remember to elect Hillary Clinton whose security has been breached, that’s what ISIS wants so that they can make it easier to target us, yep.  The Left in this country have gotten out of control, they’re in the media, in entertainment in just about whatever place in our daily lives.

It is going to be their fault millions of Americans will lose their lives under Hillary Clinton’s reign should she win in November.  The Left has no idea or if they do, they’re lying about that idea that these Islamic supremacists are indeed here ready to kill.  “Islamophobia” is just a ruse for them to shut up their critics while they themselves can be the biggest bigots even bigger than Trump.  And they can get away with it too, because all they have to do is depict themselves as “always the victim”, yes Muslims are always the victims they’ll teach us with each narrative while they go behind the scenes to make it easier for them to attack us.

ALWAYS VICTIMS, ALWAYS VICTIMS ARE THE MUSLIMS.  NEVER ARE THEY THE AGGRESSORS.  The Left does this to help promote revenge of colonialism, that’s what their sick little game is all about, that’s their behavior with their anti-Americanism brainwashing an entire new generation of people into hating this country while inviting in enemies who’d do worse things to them.

Really, Obama needs to be removed from office.  He should have been removed since after the San Bernardino shootings but no, no, the press, the Democratic Party which wails about Dubya’s failures are okay and fine with the first black MUSLIM COMMUNIST President’s failures of intelligence and competence.  But you’re just a filthy, dirty racist, Islamophobic demagogue for pointing that out.


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