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How The “Conservative Purists” Killed Conservatism

Posted by mah29001 on June 6, 2016

It’s quite the official calling of the Never Trump crowd, claiming how they’re against flip-floppers and phonies when they’re the biggest phonies of them all.  Ben Sasse as an example is going to support Gary Johnson who just came out to state he agrees with the majority views of Bernie Sanders.  Wow!

Yep, the Never Trump crowd killed Conservatism because they didn’t like another nominee of the Republican Party that wasn’t like them.  They aside from the Millennials on the Left will be responsible for ushering in Hillary Clinton for eight years.  They’re pathetic, politicians like Sasse, Ted Cruz and so forth all need to be booted out of office because of this travesty.  How could they let Hillary win even when Trump was so close?

It doesn’t matter who Trump’s VP would be….Bob Corker…Newt Gingrich…Chris Christie…even dark horse candidates for VP like Sarah Palin or Little Marco….the Never Trump wing of the “Conservative” party will never agree to vote for Trump no matter what even a friendly face like Newt’s.  They’re scum, they’re cowards, they’re hypocrites willing to not even admit to be ones.  I will never select or support any candidate for President of THEIR choice in my lifetime.  I will however do whatever I can to promote buffer zones against them even if it’s using someone like Justin Amash to backstab Ted the way he did it to the others in the primary in states that Trump won but the stupid party elites gave the majority of delegates to Ted.

I will do whatever it takes to humiliate these bastards.  They’re scum, lying cowards who will do whatever it takes to protect their interests.  For that reason I shall remain a Republican, not because I support the party, but I support getting even with the wing of the party that wants to take down Trump by supporting Hillary in the general election with either voting for her or voting for someone else like Gary Johnson.

Their movement needs to be destroyed, forever.

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