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Cursing Millennial America….

Posted by mah29001 on June 4, 2016

…I am going to lay out a curse for the Millennial Generation should Hillary be elected instead of Trump.  This is the most pitiful generation even worse than the Baby Boomer Generation.  They accept racism, but not if you’re white, they’re okay with a President who surrounded himself with a racist church but have the nerve to call Trump a racist whenever he speaks on illegal immigration as if illegals represent all forms of immigration which they do not.

The Millennial Generation will not be a fruitful generation like the Baby Boomers were.  Yes, the Baby Boomers are guilty for bringing up Obama as well and also helping out Hillary while bashing people like Trump.  They’re obsessed about “Civil Rights” while whitewashing and downgrading their own civilization.

It’s no longer about being against Jim Crow, segregation or anything of the sort.  It is all about keeping their power together.  That is the ultimate curse that will be their undoing no matter what happens in November.  If Trump wins, then the process will happen faster versus under Hillary the process will be much slower.

The Millennials need to be cursed, they need to be scorned for backing one of the worse Presidents in modern US history.  Do they realize one percent of Russia only likes Obama?  That they claim Obama was going to improve relations around the world?  That’s another lie that they’ve been stating and they’re promoting the same lie with Hillary.  Things will not improve, but will drastically head toward a chaotic situation overseas which average Americans would not feel safe traveling abroad.

I’m sure Islamic supremacist countries like Iran know the game, kidnap American citizens and hold them for ransom.  Their Sunni counterparts in ISIS may end up doing the same.  The Millennials would be the Useful Idiots of the 1930’s who’d welcome in Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany in a form of tolerance, but hey they often depict Trump as Hitler but would be dumb enough to tolerate Hitler themselves.

The curse will only be lifted if there is a free market Capitalist among the Millennial Generation that rises to the occasion and crushes the forces of the Left.

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