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Yes Paying Respects To Japan’s Notorious Shrine Is Apologizing For Nuking Them

Posted by mah29001 on May 30, 2016

The idiots in the Lamestream Media are purposely trying to hide the fact Obama really did apologize to Japan for the nuclear weapons.  How pathetic, if he didn’t apologize why the visit to the notorious shrine?  You have to be quite the Leftist snowflake dummy to believe otherwise about Obama.

Japan was an Axis ally during World War II, it invaded innocent Asian countries, enslaved them and massacred their people.  But hey, to the Left that’s okay, they’re the “victims” they’re the “victims”, “victims”, “victims”, “victims”.  So instead of suggesting Japan should have a new shrine over the old one PRAISING ITS CAPITALIST PRESENT as the answer, the Left don’t even seem to care at all.


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