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Donald Trump’s VP Candidate Should Isolate Bill Kristol And Mitt Romney’s Threat Of Running Ted Cruz As A Third Party Candidate

Posted by mah29001 on May 30, 2016

Here are the three choices that can do that:

  • Newt Gingrich, he is a veteran of the Republican Revolution in the 90’s where he’d remind those Republicans who’d dare vote for a third party candidate not to do so.  Therefore isolating Bill Kristol and Mitt Romney from ever voting for Ted Cruz.
  • John Kasich, he’d be the moderate of the party that’d get Romney’s own supporters to embrace him therefore isolating Mittens’ chances at promoting a third party candidate with Ted Cruz.
  • Marco Rubo a.k.a. Little Marco, perhaps the perfect rival to Mittens within the establishment.  If Trump selects him, Little Marco would indeed isolate Mittens’ chances for good for a third party.

The Cruz/Fiorina campaign will indeed crumble with any of these three VP candidates.  Newt would be the highest since he has experience running an opposition campaign that was successful though Kasich and Little Marco are more recent Republicans with Kasich and Little Marco also running successful elections.  Bill Kristol will be going down for good and so will Mitt Romney.


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