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Both The Republican And Democratic Parties Need To Meet Their End

Posted by mah29001 on May 24, 2016

I’ve had enough of this nonsense, they’re both full of crap, they don’t care about the voters.  I’m done with the Republicans, they’re losers, I’m done with the Democrats they’re liars and thieves stealing an entire generation away just like that.  Both are creeps, I am not looking forward to anymore elections in this country until the establishment is driven out of power for good.

No I am not going to go to another third party, that’s just pointless.  I’m done, I hate both parties, they’re both scumbags.  It doesn’t matter if Trump overcomes this and is the nominee in July with even a moderate like John Kasich as his VP or even a Conservative like Sarah Palin or Mary Fallin.  It doesn’t matter, the Republicans would rather lose to the Democrats and the Democrats know this.

I’m sick of this pathetic pandering to them, the entire 2020 Republican nominees should indeed be jailed and also Hillary Clinton should be locked up and her entire administration be put on trial.  There should be no further elections until this mess is sorted out should they end up getting away with this scheme.  We need a coup to stop them, we need a coup to save America.


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