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The Hysterical Left: The Communist Party Wing Of The Democratic Party Calling People “Fascists”

Posted by mah29001 on May 20, 2016

Yep that’s what they’ll resort to calling Trump no matter who he selects as his VP. I really don’t care anymore who he selects whether it be Sarah Palin, John Kasich or someone we’ve never heard of.  The Left have the mentality of a pre-schooler, trashing their opponent regularly as a terrible totalitarian Fascist while they themselves get away with everything they’ve described.

They’re bullies, they can’t think, they’re crybullies to be more precise.  It doesn’t matter anymore who Trump will select as his VP, what will matter to the crybullies is how much attention they can get out of by attacking their main opponent but hey having two Clinton administrations behaving like a monarchy hey that’s not a problem to them or having their puppets in the media demanding the Republicans select Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan in an undemocratic manner, that’s NOT behaving like actual Fascists.

No, it’s not, rather these silly nitwhits are trying to have it both ways here.


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