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Sarah Palin, Donald Trump’s Possible Achilles Heel In Preventing Him From Running A Second Term?

Posted by mah29001 on May 20, 2016

With that said it looks like John Kasich could become Trump’s VP ticket and not Sarah Palin.  I still like her, I feel where she is in being a recruiter for the Republican Party for the Senate and Congress is still the best spot there is.  However if Trump wins in 2016 in November and she chooses a post within his administration whether it be the Interior Minister or Energy Secretary, I fear Trump will be too much of a difficult person to work with.

The other aspect is that he’ll go back on his word with his promises whether it’s the wall between the US and Mexico, Syrian “refugees”, illegal immigrants and so forth.  Sarah could even leave within the second year of his administration if she does decide to work with him.

Both Trump and yes John Kasich know of Sarah’s recruiting abilities, they’d prefer she take a post within the administration as a ruse to not have her cause any issues which won’t work.  Whatever scandal that’d brew under Trump will force Sarah out and demand a better candidate in 2020 within his own party against him which would complicate matters for him.


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