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#NeverTrump = #HelpingHillary In November

Posted by mah29001 on April 24, 2016

Boy the #NeverTrump crowd is sinking to a new low, aside from pandering to #TrickyTed, they’re hoping that they can ruin the nomination process for Donald Trump in July that’d give us Hillary Clinton as President in November.  They’re idiots!  Even leading Democrats like Nancy Pelosi say that if the Republican Party are split in July over the nomination process, it will give us Hillary Clinton as our next President instead of giving Donald Trump a chance.

Screw those biased polls that show him not leading, they’re being pushed by former Bush officials working with the media along with pro-amnesty groups hurting Trump with the Hispanic votes.  The Democrats know it’s possible Hillary could lose with a strong candidate, even Leftists like Ted Rall to the Dilbert cartoonist admit Trump could easily win against Hillary and also the Leftist CounterPunch website admits so.

The Left know Trump can beat Hillary, but they’re hoping the Republican establishment will be stupid enough to bow down to them by asking for a more “sensible” candidate whom isn’t running to be the nominee in July.


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