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I Don’t Want To Name Names Because Of The Cruz Cult However…

Posted by mah29001 on April 12, 2016

…I am just dumbfounded that many of the dedicated Cruzers, especially ones that have run well known anti-Communist blogs have gone soft on the man’s stances and even his own friendship with Donald Trump.  Where were they when he was paling around with Trump all last year?  Up until the end of last year?

Yep, they have a page dedicated to debunking any conspiracy theories about #TrickyTed, yep, any sort of conspiracy theories.  But they have yet to debunk the theory whether or not he has changed his position on amnesty, remember he and Glenn Beck traveled to that illegal immigrant camp for “charity”?

How about the background on his father helping Fidel Castro?  Why are we not discussing that as a reason why Ted is choosing who he sides with?


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