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A New Nickname For The Republican Establishment: The Glue Sniffer Caucus

Posted by mah29001 on April 9, 2016

That’s right, they’re panderers to the Left’s grievance mob mentality and pander to the Democratic Party, in other words, they’ve become a wing of the Democratic Party itself known as the Glue Sniffer Caucus. Which is what the Republican establishment have become.

Aside from Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan as a shadow candidate, their latest deed includes trying to ruin the name of a retired US General James Mattis…really, the Glue Sniffer Caucus does not care, they demand the voters sit down and shut up, rather it’s the other way around.  It’s the perfect way for the voters to never become a Republican ever again with this attitude in play.

The Donald should come on top in July, #TrickyTed and his supporters as much as they don’t like the Donald, many Cruzers will back the Donald (the ones who are truly not dedicated to #TrickyTed) as the only way to defeat Hillary.  Even if it’s somehow John Kasich, it would still divide many voters within the Republican Party, yes he’s an honest guy, yes he’s the most knowledgeable guy on the stage with all the credentials, but I have a feeling the polls that show Ted and John being either tied or beating Hillary could end up being fakes inflated by the Glue Sniffer Caucus members themselves.

The Glue Sniffer Caucus would rather have the Republican Party lose this general election than to win it right with the Donald.  Another worse choice could be Jeb Bush, he was their favorite to win over Little Marco and the others in the race.  What are voters going to hear from Jeb should he come out as the winner in July?  Please clap?


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