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Security Under Hillary Clinton Would Have A YUGE Lap Of Breaches…

Posted by mah29001 on March 28, 2016

…think about it for a moment if she were to win in November, everyone is too blind on both sides in the hopes to have the first woman President being Hillary Clinton, ignoring that she has a YUGE issue with security in terms of securing even her own communications!

I’m really sick and tired of this, the public hoping to elect the first black President, we got a fing Communist/Fascist in charge, now we’re going to get someone who has an issue with security on her hand to have the top job all because she’s a woman.  That’s all she’s been stating during the debates that her party had, she’s a woman, she’s a woman, she’s a woman…so the F what she’s a woman, she allowed this to happen under her watch and I’m sure that email server was there while she was still a Senator under the Bush years.

I’m sick of this nonsense we must elect someone who happens to be a woman or someone who isn’t white even if they’re 1000 percent unqualified to be there.  How dare the Left brainwash the American public into being like this, our country will be lost, our future would be in the hands of the far left who don’t care to halt or change anything of their policies no matter who they present as the next big thing since slice bread, they just don’t have to be white.

The Left indeed has followed the same pattern the Dixicrats of the South did when it came to slavery, but it’s a different kind of slavery, it’s slavery of the government where all races and faiths are treated miserably equally instead of just a few.  The Republican establishment would be making the worse mistake since the end of Reconstruction in making deals with the Democrats should they ruin the convention in July and help Hillary in November.


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