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#TeddyTantrums Won’t Work Like #TrumperTantrums

Posted by mah29001 on March 26, 2016

I think #TrickyTed is being told to do this by the establishment over the issue with his wife Heidi, when in reality it was a super pac linked to him in Utah that had the ad about Trump’s wife that started this little episode.  How pathetic.  #TrickyTed is going down the same road Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio went because they decided to get scrappy with Trump when in reality if they both stayed positive they’d have done much better than Trump and not lower themselves to his level, but they did because they’re robots the establishment controls.

A #TeddyTantrum will end up in the same path, eventually.  I’m already sick of the media siding with Ted and his pathetic wife Heidi, Trump didn’t cite her depression when it came to spilling the beans, he exposed her as a former Bush official who helped Bill Clinton draft NAFTA and other “free trade” agreements and also under Dubya as well.  That’s what he was talking about, the depression episode is sort of like Joseph Wilson exposing Valarie Plame as a CIA agent then blaming it on Dick Cheney.

It’s sort of like that on that analogy.  #TrickyTed deserves to go down in flames, but NOT prematurely leaving the race so that a shadow establishment candidate can take his delegates.  Perhaps the establishment knows of Ted’s affairs and knows of his erratic behavior which is why they’re backing him in the hopes to prop up a shadow candidate during the convention in July.


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