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I Am Not Joining #NeverTrump Ever, But I Won’t Derail The #TrumpTrain Nor Jump On It…

Posted by mah29001 on March 19, 2016

I think Donald J. Trump will become our next President if by doing the math he gets the necessary delegates in winning by the end of May.  Add that with the fact droves of Democrats are voting for Trump over Hillary and Sanders in the general election.  As much as I have reservations about the Donald, I am not yet to join the #TrumpTrain, but I will never join #NeverTrump since it’s flawed and is backed by George Soros.

I am adopting a wait and see theme here, should Trump win in November I am doubtful he’ll follow through with his promises, whether its with the wall between the USA and Mexico or killing ISIS terrorists.  One thing is for sure, at least we won’t have a major security risk like Hillary Clinton being President should this come about.  And if Trump betrays his convictions, then he’ll end up as a one term President.


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