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The Grave Error Of #NeverTrump…George Soros Approves Of It…

Posted by mah29001 on March 13, 2016

…yes that’s right, George Soros does approve the hashtag #NeverTrump.  I understand how the Donald’s past is an issue, that’s true and valid in vetting a candidate.  However, I wonder if Conservatives are being misled on both ends or at least on one end but not might be the end you think.

MoveOn.org uses the hashtag #NeverTrump in the recent riot that happened in Chicago.  Along with a number of other Leftist groups, there was an ISIS/Leftist supporter who tried to possibly stab the Donald at a speech in Ohio just yesterday and was let go by authorities!  #NeverTrump could mean the end of the Conservative movement, it will mean the end of the grassroots cause that propped people up like the Donald.

#NeverTrump indeed is being used by the Left to divide the Right.  How can you be a Conservative and #NeverTrump, if you help the Left one way or another?  I am still skeptical of the Donald, but I cannot join #NeverTrump which could help bring Hillary Clinton the general election.

That is my main concern for #NeverTrump.  #NeverTrump is a trap for Conservatives, I hate to say it, but it is.  So don’t #NeverTrump, think rationally on what to do with a situation like this.

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