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Beware The #NeverTrump Crowd….

Posted by mah29001 on March 1, 2016

…as much as I have reservations about the Donald, if there are Republicans whom are this stubborn that help get Hillary Clinton elected in November, there will be an all out civil war within the party itself.  These people would be labeled as traitors, they had no issues attacking Trump’s past, but then would vote for someone who was part of Trump’s past being Hillary.

They’re cowards, they’re traitors, they’re back stabbers, you know what needs to happen, Rubio and Ted Cruz need to lose today on Super Tuesday.  They need to lose big, and lose it all!  And if the #NeverTrump crowd illegally searches for a candidate, whether it be Mitt Romney or some other similar leader and they cheat the nomination process then that person doesn’t get my vote.  No, I won’t vote for Hillary, unlike those traitors.


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