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Pamela Geller Okay With Ted Cruz Endorsing The North American Union

Posted by mah29001 on January 21, 2016

Now why would a leading anti-Jihad/Counter Jihad activist go rogue on Sarah Palin for her endorsement of Donald Trump?  No where in Geller’s attack on Sarah included Trump’s Garland, Texas comments on her Muhammad cartoons.  Nope, nowhere at all, instead she decided to pander to Ted Cruz ignoring how he and his wife are both proponents for the North American Union.

That very concept is making it easier for Islamic supremacists to go across every European Union member country, and likewise their African Union counterparts have found out it’s much more difficult in bringing in foreign troops to help them fight Islamic supremacy.  So why is Pamela Geller backing a fraud here?  She’s not perfect either on Conservatism.


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