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The Dead “Captain” Eric May, A Lesson For wRONg Paul In The Years To Come

Posted by mah29001 on January 22, 2015

So who was “Captain” Eric May? He was a conspiracy theorist, he was an anti-Semite, a firm proponent of National Socialism and a supporter of wRONg Paul, Dr. Paul, yes he was a supporter of him as his achieves have shown. He passed away of ASL yet oddly ASL would end up being found a cure by you guess it…some wealthy Zionist Jews!

Yea, Jews do care about research for ASL, and they do care about promoting cures for cancer for the most part (except with the exception of some Jews supporting Death with Dignity).  Eric May was a crank, he was an imbecile, he thought your resident blogger was affiliated with Israeli intelligence when if that were true, how come I am working at a 12 dollar an hour job here in the USA?  Was Eric May that stupid and clueless to not even care that Jews lived normal lives here in the USA and not off on some wealthy bank or penthouse?

Eric May reminds me a whole lot of someone like former Congressman wRONg Paul.  His racist newsletters still follow him, and much of those conspiracy theories are made up from within his own followers!  They parade how 9/11 was either “blowback” or was an “inside job”.  Even Paul himself lets his own people on his Ron Paul Institute to promote how the Charlie Hebdo attacks were an “inside  job”, while Paul excuses Islamic supremacists by saying they were motivated by French foreign policy trying to have it both ways and say it like a salesman.

Whenever the Grim Reaper does come for wRONg Paul for natural causes, it’d be his time to go and karma will be waiting for him.  Paulbots hate to see this, they don’t like it whenever someone whom is against Paul hopes he gets karma soon but they demand everyone else to have karma be hit by them even if they do it by hurting them.

The 9/11 “Truth” conspiracy theories have done their damage and so has wRONg Paul’s own racist newsletters and his followers.  His memory doesn’t deserve eulogies from major media outlets (though many would probably do it because he pandered to them).  The death of the conspiracy theorist “Captain” Eric May is a reminder of what could come, God hates those whom promote false lies on thy neighbor and hates those whom deny the truth.  Eric May has received karmic debt…will it be wRONg Paul’s turn or some other conspiracy theorist could go next?  Such as Alex Jones?

Until that happens….your course of actions matter in life….it can change the outcome of your karmic debt…maybe God already has sent Eric May in his next life as a JEW!  Born in ISRAEL!

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