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wRONg Paul Is Wrong On National Sovereignty

Posted by mah29001 on October 27, 2014

Okay, Dr. wRONg Paul’s little temper tantrum over Canada defending itself really got me thinking that wRONg Paul doesn’t really believe what he ever says on let’s say when it comes down to globalism.  He’s so outrage about the Bilderbergs, about the United Nations, about NATO that if let’s say one of those countries decides to not be associated with these globalist entities and becomes pro-war, pro-Western he’s so outraged about it.

Canada is the perfect example of wRONg Paul’s rage and his outrage, along with his brand of hypocrisy.  Why would you claim to be a Libertarian, for a smaller Constitutional government and NOT support a country to decide its own fate and not the demands of the global community?  Canada is again the example, as his vents about Israel and this country alone he despises them for defending themselves, likewise when Egypt deposed Mohamed Morsi, wRONg Paul declared how deposing Morsi was done on the behalf of the USA when it was the USA under Obama that was telling the Egyptian people what to do when he embraced the Muslim Brotherhood.

So yea, basically wRONg Paul’s a big fraud when it comes to opposing the United Nations, I find it funny he pals around with 9/11 “Truthers” like Alex Jones whom make regular conspiracy theories about the United Nations that’s not even true and yet Dr. Paul himself is so hysterically against any other country that defends itself without the globalist appeal of the masses of the “international community”.

After all, didn’t wRONg Paul himself make the sort of claim that he favors globalism under his stupid definition of being a “non-interventionist”?  That means bowing down to the globalist “international community” in doing what they want through the United Nations when it comes to domestic issues like terrorism and the economy, and just about everything else.  Dr. Paul is a fraud he’s a fraud, he’s a fraud, he’s a fraud.  The more his idiot Paulbots spam any forum that disagrees with them exposes that too.

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