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Team Bankruptcy: RINOs, Obama Administration And “Libertarians” Push For Legalizing Of Marijuana

Posted by mah29001 on July 13, 2014

And at the same time Medicaid will be expanded to cover the treatment of all the sort of users which would end up bankrupting the USA for good.  Yep, they think by legalizing all sorts of drugs whether it be marijuana or some other terrible drug like cocaine or heroin they’d make up the lie to suggest it’s safe it can cure cancer and other libelous lies.

But, we also need the “Affordable” Care Act and the “acts of love” to be involved whom “need” these drugs too to be legalized, because you know they need something to do on their own 15 dollar per hour job.  Yea see where this is going?  RINOs, “Libertarians”, the Obama administration and their allies and enablers alike are finding ways of trying to bankrupt this country.

Disgraceful.  It’d be the healthcare crisis of the century….and it’s all man-made….

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