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Evil Empire/Obama Nation Round Ups: Bailout Companies Egged Democrats To Open Up Government, Blame Tea Party Faction Of Republicans Edition

Posted by mah29001 on October 27, 2013

That is indeed what went down during the shutdown, many bailout companies pumped more money into supporting the Democrats and establishment Republicans to make sure government would be open, if they were a major bank they couldn’t provide unnecessary loans to people so that they can use in a shady practice to ruin the values of the homes people bought, or if they were a car dealership they couldn’t get loans even if a consumer has the right sort of credit scores.

In the end, the wrong side won, and the Useful Idiots who support the Democrats are ignoring another disaster is on the way but with health insurance companies and the Affordable Care Act.  Anyway, here’s more on the Evil Empire/Obama Nation Round Ups:

  • The SEIU is still egging on its supporters to demand a 15 dollar per hour work wage at fast food companies, be prepared for another financial disaster on the horizon over that.
  • Pakistan continues to lobby against drone strikes, even though it kills terrorists that they help train while using civilians as human shields.
  • The bailout companies have become the big time Useful Idiots in fueling the revival cause of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA where Communism is the “sole choice”, especially Maoist brand of Communism.
  • Pallywood is indeed lying about how Israeli forces supposedly chased a “Palestinian” bus driver, but if that were true why are there no real reports of the incident?
  • Aside from Islamic supremacists ruining freedom in Malaysia, a revival of the Malaysian Communist Party might be under way with threats from the Malaysian Reds.
  • “Former” Communist Mongolia still helps out their North Korean comrades.

And ending the Evil Empire/Obama Nation Round Ups, the Iranians are encouraging Red Chinese citizens who do business in Iran to convert to Shiite Islam, gee what “wonders” would they come up with next? If Communism was bad Islamic supremacy will be worse….

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