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Obama Nation/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups: So Instead Of Supporting Sunni Counterparts To Assad Edition

Posted by mah29001 on September 14, 2013

Obama’s just going to let Assad do some under-the-table sales for his chemical weapons to his friends in Hezbollah and Shiite rebels in Yemen, but then if Obama went forward with a US-led strike he was going to do that anyway.

Anyway, here’s more on the Obama Nation/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups:

  • Of course those outraged by drones are not going to be outraged by the Iranian navy going to employ drones…
  • Those British universities are indeed filled with professors who hate and demonize Israel, and don’t mind upsetting foreign students whom are from Israel but they’d rather be nice to any students from Islamic supremacist countries…
  • It seems that Russia’s brand of “climate change” rhetoric includes having its naval forces patrol the Arctic for what? To target the North American continent?
  • John McCain prepares to help out Putin’s “opposition” in the Russian Federation Communist Party, and speaking of them, it’s chairman Gennady Zyuganov wants Armenia and Azerbaijan to be absorbed back into Russian influence.
  • “Palestinian” propagandists try to depict how Israel is “starving” the “Palestinians”, even though Israel is the only one helping to feed them while none of the Islamic countries are helping them out in anyway.
  • Obama’s former friend Louis Farrakhan always finds time to dine with someone like Bashar Assad.

And ending the Obama Nation/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups, PBS is hoping that political Islam will be the future of Egypt, well good luck with that…

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