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Obama Nation/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups: Chuck Hagel, The “Anti-War’s” Favorite Secretary Of Defense Is Heading To War With Al-Qaeda Not Israel Edition

Posted by mah29001 on August 28, 2013

Of course, Chuck Hagel, our current Secretary of Defense under Obama is now probably going to head the USA into war in helping out Sunni Islamic supremacists loyal toward al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood both whom despise Israel and the USA. But wait, the USA has become a defacto Dhimmi state doing the chores for Sunni Islamic supremacists, whether it be Egypt or elsewhere in the “Arab Spring”, the Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated the Obama administration and for that matter the rest of the Western world.

Now that does make you think why they wanted a delay for Saddam Hussein to sell his WMDs to his more Sunni fundamental counterparts?  Anyway, here’s more on the Obama Nation/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups:

  • Justin Raimondo suddenly realizes that we’re going to head to war with Syria pretty soon but didn’t he endorse Chuck Hagel because Hagel was anti-Israel? Well Hagel is following his promise in making the Middle East unsafe for Jews and also Christians as well.
  • It looks like Obama’s friends in the Communist Party USA may end up divorcing him over the war in Syria, but that still won’t stop them from still backing his domestic economic policies.
  • An Iranian diplomat has been abducted in Yemen, the culprits fellow Islamic supremacists ranging from Sunni to Salafist ones.
  • Those silly Islamic supremacists, they’re always depicting non-Muslim countries to be empires, but hey it’s okay for them to spread their faith or let alone use non-Muslim powers to use their military might to install themselves in charge. Just ask what’s going to happen to Syria, and what happened in the Central African Republic with the French doing the same thing.
  • Looks like there’ll be no “Palestinian” unity with Hamas, as even the “moderate” Palestinian factions are prepared to face Hamas with Hamas’ leaders proposing similar laws that Mohamed Morsi did with Egypt.
  • Since Israel was forced to apologize to Sunni Islamic supremacist led Turkey, it’s the obvious Hezbollah will threaten Israel, but don’t count on Turkey to help out.

And ending the Obama Nation/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups, aside from paling around with Sunni Islamic supremacists, for “stability” in Nepal, the rest of the “international community” is rather comfortable letting “former” Nepali Maoists join the ranks of the Nepali military.  The Reds like their Islamic supremacist counterparts also love the same tactics in having non-members of their faith or philosophy do the work for them.

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