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Paul Qaeda/Obama Nation Round Ups: Rudy Guiliani Mine As Well Join wRONg Paul Qaeda Edition

Posted by mah29001 on August 17, 2013

Yes, very sad news, Rudy Guiliani sadly has gone to the dark side in supporting someone like Chris Christie as a possible contender for 2016. Christie has followed the same lines that Obama has on terrorism, and it’s sadly hypocritical because during 2008, Rudy Guiliani opposed wRONg Paul for having the same positions that Chris Christie had when it comes to stopping from watching Islamic supremacists.  Gee, almost sounds like an obvious betrayal of what he did as mayor on 9/11 doesn’t it seem so?  What next?  Will Rudy be promoted as Secretary of State under Chris Christie and be ordered to bow down to the Saudi king like Obama did as an apology?

Anyway, here’s more on the Paul Qaeda/Obama Nation Round Ups:

  • Of course, Rudy Guiliani is sadly caving to support someone like Chris Christie who has gone to apologize for Islamic supremacists into not letting the government actually do its job in protecting the American people something what wRONg Paul originally stated in 2008.
  • The Russian government is exploiting the situation in Egypt, after all the “opposition” toward the Muslim Brotherhood included the Egyptian Communist Party which admitted being behind the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood and also rival Islamic supremacists who wanted friendly relations with Sunni Islamic supremacist governments and not supporting Shiite Iran.
  • The entertainment industry is riddled with controlled bias from far left unions…no wonder Obama got elected….
  • The “former” Soviet Republics of the Ukraine and Moldova are making oil deals with Iran, gee how is Iran bypassing sanctions?
  • “Islamophobia” in Europe?  Why is Denmark allowing a big mosque to open up soon? I thought Europe was supposedly intolerant…
  • It’s the obvious, Russia’s Liberal Democratic Party being run by many “former” Communists has a candidate that’s running for Mayor of Moscow is making up claims that Russia will fight the “anti-Christ” is he referring to the USA? And yet the Obama administration wants us to be nice to these guys…

And ending the Paul Qaeda/Obama Nation Round Ups, Reza Aslan is lecturing what a “zealot” that Richard Dawkins is, even though Reza Aslan is a zealot himself after all he’s a fan of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt but who cares, shut up you bigots! (/sarcasm).

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