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Evil Empire/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups: The Left Turn On Richard Dawkins For Turning Against Islam Edition

Posted by mah29001 on August 11, 2013

In the sure hypocrisy the Left find it okay that Islamic supremacists get to be as homophobic and bigoted as they want to be. It’s just only bad for any Christians doing and saying the same things you see. This is quite common behavior among the Left, they love to compare Christian social Conservatives to Islamic supremacists, but they’ll never criticize Islamic supremacists at all because that’s “Islamophobic”.

The Left side with Islamic supremacists because Islamic supremacists are the “oppressed” even though they’re the ones doing the repression against others and each other.  Anyway, here’s more on the Evil Empire/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups:

  • Leftist professors at Cambridge University are outraged that Richard Dawkins has said “mean things” about Islam even though he has been saying the same things with any other religion they did not object to Dawkins when he mocked Christianity…he just can’t mock Islam….
  • The Mexican Communists are itching to be the victims of Mexico’s drug war, even though their comrades in Colombia and Venezuela are fueling the drug war…
  • Of course some Chicago union members are infighting against their own union bosses for mob-style tactics being used in Chicago.
  • Surprise!  One of Wales oldest political parties known as the Plaid Cymru is finally being investigated that it was supporting the Axis Powers during World War II in the hopes that if the Axis Powers won the war they’d get their own country of Wales. Hmm…sounds familiar what the Russians are allegedly doing with them right?
  • The obvious in Kashmir, Kashmiri Islamic supremacists keep on saying they’re fighting “aggression” even though they’re the aggressors gee maybe if they didn’t start so many riots and killed so many people India wouldn’t be sending its troops into Kashmir….
  • I am sure Islamic supremacists will be soon calling China “Islamophobic” for setting up a defense policy against Islamic supremacists…speaking of the Red Chinese they’re going to be puzzled with the sort of nonsense Gordon Duff has been making up claims against them such as signing peace treaties with aliens but wait I thought the Joos were the problem right?

And ending the Evil Empire/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups, wRONg Paul and his people just love the warmongering Kremlin, hey it’s okay that Russia can invade Georgia and promote Balkanization, that’s okay if everybody else does it.  Does not matter if it’s Islamic supremacists or “former” Communists…


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