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Obama Nation/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups: Obama Claims 35 Years Ago Travyon Martin Would Have Been Him Edition

Posted by mah29001 on July 20, 2013

Which btw is 100 percent false. The sort of culture that Trayvon Martin grew up in versus what Obama grew up in are first NOT THE SAME, and SECOND, the gang/rap culture that many people are now being pelted daily with propaganda thanks to the entertainment industry didn’t exist then, but it exist now. That’s the precise problem that will never be addressed, because how dare you try to blame rappers whom are affiliated with the racist Nation of Islam for influencing non-white youths to hate police and anyone else in authority kind of a figure.

And not only that, but a more frightening trend among these rappers are their admiration for Communism which would obviously make it no big surprise to find the Workers’ World Party and other Communist groups be more than happy to jump and embrace a U.S. government led “anti-racist” lynch mob.  Anyway, here’s more on the Obama Nation/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups:

  • The Communist Party USA, which receives support from the Kremlin are thrilled with promoting Obama’s support for the Trayvon Martin rallies that are turning violent in various major cities across the country.
  • Zimbabwe’s long time dictator Robert Mugabe couldn’t agree more with Obama and the race baiters in blaming white people for their past atrocities.
  • The only way those Trayvon Martin rallies will be taken out of the picture if Obama helps out Sunni Islamic supremacist governments whom will take control over Syria.
  • Is it obvious that Egyptian Jews want to be good Dhimmis to distance themselves from Israel even though Islamic supremacists already blame them anyway?
  • Noam Chomsky, the arch anti-American “academic” wants Basher Assad to negotiate with Sunni Islamic supremacists.
  • Surprise, surprise, Occupy Wall Street is behind much of the Trayvon Martin rallies which btw, Obama didn’t mind to throw his support to them.
  • The Japanese Communist Party is exerting its influence in Japan.
  • If the Red Chinese won’t subvert Hong Kong’s Capitalist economy…the Islamic supremacists will

And ending the Obama Nation/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups, David Duke is courting his black race hustler counterparts to go after the Jews instead of white people….

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