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Obama Nation/Evil Empire Round Ups: Obama’s Failure On Zimmerman Edition

Posted by mah29001 on July 14, 2013

Yea, Obama shouldn’t have injected himself in the debate because of him it’s much worse now than it should have been. Zimmerman should have been left alone in this case, but hey, the Obama administration always loves to take a bad side anyway, just like what he’s currently doing in Syria.  Syria, Zimmerman what difference does it make no matter the outcome of either side being the victor that they’d promote a bad side?

Anyway, here’s more on the Obama Nation/Evil Empire Round Ups:

  • Of course the Kremlin and other enemy state run media outlets love it when the USA burns due to this kind of nonsense promoted by the Obama administration.
  • Riots, of course in Los Angeles and San Francisco because of the verdict…imagine if Zimmerman were found guilty would there have been riots? Oh wait, there’d have been riots anyway just ask how the Islamic supremacists responded to that video about Mohammad….even when the filmmaker sits in jail charged on a trumped up charge.
  • The far left labor lobby backs Harry Reid’s criminal attempts to ignore any sort of debate of any nominee Obama appoints.
  • It seems Egyptian Leftists are rather divided on whether or not to support the Muslim Brotherhood or the incoming Mohamed ElBaradei, but hey after all they allowed Egypt to go into the tank by ousting Honsi Mubarak.
  • The Red Chinese promoted tourism industry in Xinjiang may obviously be downplaying Islamic supremacy in China, better not offend them…
  • Leftist Noam Chomsky continues to whine about the “corporatization” of universities, but apparently it’s fine that Leftists like him have full control over the student body and also the student run newspapers.

And ending the Obama Nation/Evil Empire Round Ups, the Syrian Islamic supremacist rebels are indeed heading toward fighting each other than Basher Assad after all a commander of the Syrian Free Army was recently killed after he tried to meet up with Syria’s al-Qaeda wing.

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