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Clintonista Round Up: What Difference Does It Make If The USA And The West Erase Freedom Of Speech Edition

Posted by mah29001 on June 28, 2013

And become no different from their Russian or Chinese counterparts when it comes to silencing freedom of speech?  After all, the Left have a habit of doing just that, if Hillary Clinton becomes President in 2016, she’ll be just as bad as Obama already is.

Anyway, here’s more on the Clintonista Round Up:

  • Britain hypocritically let’s European Leftists to travel to Britain and incite hatred against British Jews.
  • Of course the recent strikes by low waged workers are indeed being controlled by the unions which Obama and his thugs in the White House are calling for an increase of the minimum wage.
  • The same unions are involved in gutting DASH service transit in Los Angeles, gee unions keep on telling us they work for us when in reality they don’t.
  • Obviously Iran wants the United Nations to ease sanctions on Iraq, after all reports have already suggested Iran is using Iraq to bypass the sanctions the United Nations imposed on itself.
  • Looks like the SEIU is not even touching Anthony Weiner, instead is backing one of his opponents.
  • Those “former” Communists will not die, why would Croatia hand over a “former” secret service spy? Croatia is practically controlled by a “former” Communist anyway.
  • Well this isn’t new knowledge at all that the Saudis are backing their Sunni counterparts in Syria, but hey Russia backs their Shiite counterparts in Hezbollah.

And ending the Clintonista Round Up, it seems Nelson Mandela’s daughter is taking a page from her father’s note book on trumping the race card even though most of the world has been such good Useful Idiots for Mandela’s cause yea there’s still “racism” there folks.

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