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Evil Empire/Obama Nation/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups: Imagine If JFK Were Still Alive He’d Have Supported Vietnam Edition

Posted by mah29001 on June 17, 2013

Like in the manner Obama’s supporting Syria. Just think about it for a moment or two, forget the conspiracy theories about how there was a warmongering cabal out to kill Kennedy, it’s full of hogwash, because JFK didn’t seem to mind them within his administration no more than he cared about the mafia nor making deals with the Communists after all he was fond of another form of socialism being National Socialism (Nazism).  JFK would have done the same thing in Vietnam like the way Obama’s doing with Syria.

The press would have been on Kennedy’s side, aside from the Reds themselves NOT being able to get so much recruitment in college campuses considering that the life of this President would have meant that there wouldn’t have been an influx of young radicals like Bill Ayers and others joining their side.  Nope, that wouldn’t have happened under Kennedy, because Kennedy would be controlling the entire thing like the way Obama’s controlling the entire thing.  And even if JFK couldn’t have run again if he won a second term, his brother RFK if he wasn’t killed would have run the entire country with his brother using him as proxy.  Yea, those conspiracy theories about the “New World Order” fail to explain the Kennedys would have had otherwise an infinite amount of power just like Obama is trying to obtain now and also the Clintons.

Yea, how consistent is it for a conspiracy theorist who believes the “New World Order” didn’t want the Kennedys around would fail to realize the Kennedys would have had otherwise infinite power with A NEW WORLD ORDER.  Duh, think about it, anyway, here’s more on the Evil Empire/Obama Nation/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups:

  • Yep, Obama is out to help those Syrian Sunni Islamic supremacists with a no-fly zone even though they’re such cannibals who want Islamic law, kill moderate Sunnis, kill Shiites and Christians alike. But what’s the difference right?
  • Ever wonder why Oregon remains blue, it’s because of union power.
  • It looks like Hezbollah forces are helping Assad’s forces trying to retake a major city captured by Sunni Syrian Islamic supremacists.
  • Of course Filipino Communists are applying the same process into proclaiming the victim by declaring the Filipino government as “hampering” the “peace process” efforts and yet at the same time their armed wing continues to attack average citizens.
  • Good bye Stephen Harper, it was nice knowing you, sorry you took a bad side too in having Canada support Sunni Syrian Islamic supremacists who are just as bad or worse than Assad’s thugs.
  • Why if Russia cares so much about stopping the flow of weapons why do they ever think they can trust Sunni Islamic supremacists from Turkey to get the job done?
  • Strange that Vladimir Putin “cares” so much about European mentality in dependency which Obama is following the same path he ignores his “former” open far left comrades are helping the crisis in Europe and in the USA become far worse.

And ending the Evil Empire/Obama Nation/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups, strange you got no major Leftists coming out to endorse the bloodshed that’s ongoing in Balochistan, uh, maybe it’s because the government is run by Islamic supremacists who don’t like Israel?

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