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Obama Nation/Clintonista Round Ups: Legal Or Illegal Status Of Immigration What’s The Difference? Edition

Posted by mah29001 on June 13, 2013

Apparently to the Democratic Party not that much nor to their establishment Republican counterparts who apparently see immigrants as an infinite amount of newly registered voters for their political parties.  The Democratic Party will always pretend they are in favor of legal immigration, but then promote the Open Border, far left lobby within the university systems that are promoting another view of immigration which means the USA should demand to pay homage to immigrants whom happen to not be here legally especially gets messy if they dive into racial politics with such groups like MEChA.

All that is a recipe that could make the USA turn into where Europe is looking into with Islamic supremacy, but that won’t matter because the political elite just do not care about the safety, they care more about votes which is the real ruse to why they’re doing it.  It’s the Irish all over again, if any of these immigrants say wait a second it’s wrong what they’re doing they’ll get attacked by the union thugs that ended up coaxing them into their political party and with the laws now with big government growing to spy upon average people it might be easier to beat up someone within an immigrant community who disagrees with the elites than it’d be to track down Islamic supremacist terrorists and other extremists but what’s the difference?

Anyway, here’s more on the Obama Nation/Clintonista Round Ups:

  • The Communist Party USA publication People’s Weekly World is so quick to ridicule anyone who is against unions and blaming them for disasters like the one in Philadelphia for “causing” the building to collapse but they are ignoring reports the crane operator was hooked on marijuana something which unions like SEIU and others have been demanding their employers not to promote drug testing. Yea, it “must” be those “evil” anti-union folks “causing” buildings to collapse, bwahaha!
  • It’s ironic that Hezbollah can claim how “evil” the Red Chinese are for helping Israel, but at the same time the Red Chinese help Hezbollah through helping countries like Iran, and one wonders why Benjamin Netanyahu wanted to cave to Turkey after all the Red Chinese are helping Islamic supremacy as well.
  • Ironic that Occupy Wall Street claims they care about the Constitution, ironically Obama supported them too and yet at the same time, Occupy Wall Street supports promoting Communism which btw does not help to care about our Constitution. Any sort of a conundrum with this?
  • Of course David Duke promotes an anti-Semitic website that also cares about the “Palestinians” and yet the “Palestinians” claim they’re victims of genocide even though they’re backed by genocidal racists who use to lynch non-whites, Jews and Irish.
  • The man who helped support Osama bin Laden’s vacation in Sudan in the 90’s continues to desire to cause chaos in Sudan, even though Sudan is under the control of another Islamic supremacist Omar Bashir.
  • Gee, how did Vladimir Putin get another term in office?  Urrgghh, did he take control of Russia’s shale industry? And is Obama getting tips from him?  Hmm….

And ending the Obama Nation/Clintonista Round Ups, a Kashmiri cop has been arrested for helping out Islamic supremacists in Kashmir, gee they’re likely getting taught the same lessons their counterparts in Afghanistan are in likely promoting insider attacks….

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