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Evil Empire/Paul Qaeda/Obama Nation/Clintonista/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups: Ever Noticed How Even An Anime Show Can Teach You A Lot Of Things Edition

Posted by mah29001 on February 9, 2013

Yep, even though this is Dragon Ball it’s rather relevant to what’s going on with the rest of the world. The Left and the wRONg Paul, Paul Qaeda crowd all belong to the part of the side where it’s okay to have revenge in the name of promoting justice. Yep, that’s what this entire Chris Dorner thing is all about, “justice”. The same kind of “justice” that the Tuffle people tried to implement in the show.

Yea, destruction of planet Earth of a new entire species is the same exact kind of excuses the Left and Paul Qaeda promote when they defend Islamic supremacists from drone strikes and cop-killers like Dorner who have killed people BESIDES a police officer!  All of this kind of destruction is all “necessary” toward these kind of moral hypocrites.  Because you were once on the side of those who conquered others it must be okay to use violent force toward you even if you have grown to have zero tolerance for intolerance.  But when it comes to their intolerance, hey it’s “justified”, it’s okay, anything is possible even if innocent lives are lost for their part in their violent pathetic struggle which in the end they’ll perish.  Here’s more on the Evil Empire/Paul Qaeda/Obama Nation/Clintonista/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups:

  • It’s quite the obvious that the Iranian government is firmly controlling its own subjects into suggesting they should care more about the rights of the Palestinians even though Iran has done nothing to help the average one out but instead has supported terrorists instead.  They are not interested in negotiations of any sorts, nor care to make actual peace with Israel which is why people suspect Iran is really promoting a nuclear WMD program after all why did many of its scientists decide to travel to North Korea?
  • Islamic supremacists and the Leftists and Paul Qaeda people who embrace Chris Dorner have a lot in common, they both believe they are fighting for a higher cause, and Islamic supremacists like their non-Muslim counterparts are itching for riots in India.
  • Looks like the neo-Nazis in Britain have borrowed the same script from the Left in naming their neo-Nazi party the British Democratic Party, with being similar how totalitarian states like North Korean like to label themselves the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea, yea, having the words “democratic” or even “republic” try to make totalitarianism sound nice.
  • Al-Jazeera is vetting that Western countries like Britain, Australia and even the USA and others adopt Communism. Besides airing their fellow Islamic supremacists, they are rather tolerant of non-Muslim totalitarian causes.
  • The Cuban-state run media is praising the pro-Islamic supremacist summit that’d take place.
  • The pro-Obama Daily Beast is whining how Rand Paul isn’t like his father, even though he has retained much of his father’s support and friends like Lew Rockwell.

And ending the Evil Empire/Paul Qaeda/Obama Nation/Clintonista/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups, the Red Chinese have passed the USA in being the world’s biggest trading nation, gee, I am sure they are rather thankful for having Obama in office for another four more years….

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