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Clintonista/Obama Nation Round Ups: Beware The Karma Stick Edition

Posted by mah29001 on February 8, 2013

Yea, remember when the Left loved to exploit the Arizona tragedy into claiming how Sarah Palin somehow “influenced” that tragedy?  Well here comes the karma train crashing back to them, a former cop and now wanted killer embraced both Hillary Clinton and Obama.  Gee, why are the same people nowhere to be found when it’s obvious on their terms that another shooter admired their own people whereas the Arizona shooter did NOT admire Palin at all?  Probably would have gone nuts too if Gifford’s opponent won.

Anyway, here’s more on the Clintonista/Obama Nation Round Ups:

  • Of course the AFL-CIO is now exploiting immigrants into forcing them to vote Democrat, gee sounds familiar how they did the same with the Irish right?
  • Don’t blame Capitalism when it comes to government in Hong Kong promoting Hong Kong’s poor to live in cages, I remember reading somewhere that the Left themselves were praising the concept of “tiny homes”. Nothing says tiny which is what the government wants in the name for “equality”.
  • Iranian state run media is praising the Useful Idiots on the Left and the wRONg Paul supporters for endorsing protests against drone strikes.
  • Anti-Semitic websites are pushing to libel wealthy Australian citizens claiming that they are being “controlled” by the Joos since they are “hurting” the Palestinians.
  • Wonder where is Obama is when a Salafist preacher encourages his supporters to rape women protesters for Mohamed Morsi?
  • Oh yea, we should join hands with Islamic supremacists into thinking that they can be proponents for a free society, yea just ask those women protesters how their freedoms were violated by Salafists.

And ending the Clintonista/Obama Nation Round Ups, forget illegal immigration, Arizona should be worried about Islamic supremacists openly preaching hate toward state lawmakers under the guise of being “tolerant”.

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