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Obama Nation/Clintonista/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups: Stephen Colbert And Other Illiterate Intellectuals Edition

Posted by mah29001 on January 15, 2013

The Left indeed are illiterate and intellectually dishonest.  Gee, why is the Left not outraged about France’s war in Mali?  Nope, no one seems to be protesting that war, but every war that this country waged was wrong.  Pathetic and yet there are some fools on the same Left that want to still wail about why it’s good to give Obama a Third Term, even though he hasn’t finished his second nor has he started off his second term good either like zapping the checks of everyone else in the name of going after the wealthy bet intellectually dishonest idiots like Colbert didn’t mention that.

Anyway here’s more on the Obama Nation/Clintonista/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups:

  • The New York Times which has ridiculed websites like JihadWatch.org for “influencing” the Norway killer’s philosophy are egging the Obama administration to embrace the French-led intervention in Mali against Islamic supremacist rebels.  Wait, I thought the Left hated war….not if it’s under Obama.
  • Of course the “anti-war”, pseudo-journalists are denouncing there be armed guards in schools, but their former favorite politician Obama admits he has armed guards guarding his kids.
  • The Reds sure do love a corrupt leader like Evo Morales of Bolivia….
  • Hezbollah television praises Turkey’s descent into the dark side and this is the same Turkey that Obama would rather send troops over to hand over supplies to the Syrian Sunni Islamic supremacist rebels.
  • Guess who else seems to enjoy Obama’s choice for Secretary of Defense?  Former Republican contender Jon Huntsman which he likely agrees with Hagel into surrendering to the Red Chinese.
  • Don’t bet on any Communist group to care about Russia’s treatment of illegal immigrants.

And ending the Obama Nation/Clintonista/Ultra Dhimmi Round Ups, besides sticking up for Russia, the former KKK leader David Duke also embraces Obama’s choice for Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense too.  Shows how much the Left is willing to ignore about Hagel’s anti-Israel leanings as much as his pro-Red Chinese leanings.

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