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Evil Empire/Paul Qaeda/Obama Nation/Clintonista Round Ups: So Illuminati Conspiracy Theories Have Some Point Edition

Posted by mah29001 on January 6, 2013

Like the “peace” movement’s symbol being affiliated with the Roman Empire.  Yea, those Romans who soon were divided to becoming Catholics who split into various Christian sects and including the Byzantines who became the Orthodox Christians were certainly such “peaceful” people.  Strange that the Left along with the wRONg Paul, Paul Qaeda crowd do not understand the “peace” symbol is a symbol of totalitarianism against early Christians, yet ironically the Romans themselves took over Christianity which is why we have the Vatican and other non-Catholic major sects like Anglicanism and Protestantism.

Anyway, here’s more on the Evil Empire/Paul Qaeda/Obama Nation/Clintonista Round Ups:

  • The wRONg Paul, Paul Qaeda crowd love to pretend to be against any sitting American President extending to have more than two terms along with promoting any authoritarian leanings, but they seem to applaud Hugo Chavez and the “wonderful” socialized medicine that’s going to “cure” his cancer.
  • Strange that Antiwar.com is being rather selective and hypocritical they want someone as anti-Israel and pro-Red China as Chuck Hagel to be our Secretary of Defense….but….John Kerry doesn’t surrender America’s values enough to its enemies.
  • Kevin Barrett, the Jew-hating Islamic supremacist and “scholar” continues to misunderstand his own religion by supporting Islamic fanatics on Iran’s PressTV.
  • Rather hypocritical that the Communist Party USA claims that they want women in the Islamic world more rights, but their boy Obama keeps on sending Islamic governments more jizra in spite of our debt ceiling being increased. Yea, the Reds claim they are for women’s rights even though their boy Obama backs genocidal anti-women Islamic fanatics with our tax payer money.  How hypocritical is that?
  • Hmm, there is something that Islamic fanatics can agree with their Jewish religious counterparts on, but when Islamic fanatics do it, it’s okay, when non-Muslims do it, it’s wrong.
  • Anti-Semitic websites join the Left and Islamic supremacists in the Jew-Hatred/Israel Basher Industry.

And ending the Evil Empire/Paul Qaeda/Obama Nation/Clintonista Round Ups, David Duke supports the “moderate” wing of the Palestinians, i.e. the Palestinian Authority who receive tax payer money from the same government he loves to accuse of being “run” by Jews.

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