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Obama Nation/Clintonista Round Ups: Leftists Take Advantage Over Hurricane Sandy To Blame “Global Warming” Edition

Posted by mah29001 on November 1, 2012

Even when the real experts claim that there is a shortage of hurricanes.  Gee, isn’t it strange that the global warming alarmists are not with reality?

Anyway here’s more on the Obama Nation/Clintonista Round Ups:

  • The pro-Obama and Kremlin affiliated Socialist International members of the Democratic Socialists for America will be using our tax dollars to brainwash American youths for the next generation of being full blown Communists at your local university.
  • Of course the latest terrorist plot in Indonesia, the Left is following Obama’s example with Libya by blaming some crappy anti-Islam film and not the religious motives of the Islamic fanatics.
  • Will Ukranian Jews name, names that include “former” Ukranian Communists being responsible for pushing anti-Semitism? Say connections to David Duke?
  • European Leftists are geared to help Iran out in anyway it can with its nuclear program.
  • The Leftist Dissident Voice desires Latin America to be ruled under a neo-Communist bloc.
  • Typical the United Nations is helping out Burmese Islamic supremacists in anyway they can.

And ending the Obama Nation/Clintonista Round Ups, don’t expect the Obama administration to question why Islamic supremacists will gun down a Muslim cleric, but he and his supporters of the Hamas-led CAIR and other outfits will only cite it when non-Muslims end up doing atrocities.

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