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This Is America? Reward Gang Members Who Promote Violence In Rap Music

Posted by mah29001 on September 30, 2012

It is just simply disgusting that the entertainment industry in general can literally RECRUIT gang members to promote songs just because it might be “hip”. Even at the price of safety when it comes to their own tensions getting in the way that someone could get hurt.  The entertainment industry relies on a double standard, they like to beat down on Conservatives and anyone else against their agenda, but accept the most downright, degrading and degenerate lowlifes around so long as if they just manage to write a good rap song they can get an award don’t care that they may or may not be gang members or still allegedly be involved in criminal activities it might be “racist” to criticize them.

The entertainment industry pushed the Newsroom, HBO series that arrogantly admits the media was so biased during the coverage of the Tea Party movement’s surge.  But when it comes to actual violent thugs, hey it’s okay to let MTV and other media outlets to give them a reward even though they’ll turn the reward ceremony into a battlefield.  Simply disgusting.


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