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Just Plain Dumb: Lewrockwell.com Equals Discretion of the American Flag With the Koran

Posted by mah29001 on September 23, 2012

And when was the last time so many American Conservatives rioted in the streets over rumors that someone was tearing up the American flag? Apparently, Lewrockwell.com in its anti-American theme is willing to be dumb enough to compare the two when they’re not even the same. The Pakistani Christian girl still faces death threats even with her release which is what Lewrockwell.com isn’t telling, nor about how the same Islamic supremacists are currently rioting over the anti-Islam film about Mohammad.

Strange, if they did it to our Constitution or to an effigy of an American President no Americans would protest this violently and storm any embassies.  Sick comparisons.  Backward thinking from Lewrockwell.com by always siding with a country like Pakistan well known proponent of Islamic terrorism especially against its own people.

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