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This Is America? Make Fun Of Sarah Palin We’ll Give You An Award, Do An Anti-Islam Film You’ll Be Investigated

Posted by mah29001 on September 17, 2012

None dare say this isn’t Fascism when it is Fascism. The fact that a left-wing Hollywood actress who originates from the East Coast has touted of winning an award for making fun of Sarah Palin is just quite the obvious that Hollywood loves Fascism.  If you make a film about criticizing Islam, you could be investigated by the government for “helping” to instigate riots but not even blame the rioters.

Strange, I did not hear that many Conservatives rioting over the film of “Game Change” with its similar poor acting skills and accuracy to the “Innocence of Muslims” which has worse acting skills than even “Game Change”.  And yet, the rioters themselves are so stupid to help promote how Mohammad could have been violent during his heyday with their pathetic riots.

But hey, if you make a lousy movie about criticizing Sarah Palin as a VP choice, you get an award, if you make a lousy movie criticizing Islam, you are investigated by the government and you are also accused of being part of a “Zionist”, “Islamophobic” plot.  Yea, that’s “funny” how things like this are turning out.  It is all the road toward the path of totalitarianism which is what the Left and their Islamic fanatics fellow travelers are pushing, propaganda and being selective of which forms of propaganda to be outraged and reward others is just one stepping stone.

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