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Evil Empire/Obama Nation/Clintonista Round Ups: Kremlin Run Russia Today Embraces Elizabeth Warren Edition

Posted by mah29001 on September 8, 2012

And her pathetic class warfare speech that is a fraud, after all, didn’t she embrace a President like Obama who encouraged the bailout process to go forward with these “Too Big to Fail” banks? What hypocrites to try to have it both ways here.  Anyway, here’s more on the Evil Empire/Obama Nation/Clintonista Round Ups:

  • Iranian-state run television is promoting 9/11 “Truther” propaganda, no wonder Ahmadinejad keeps on sounding like a “Truther” every time he speaks.
  • Iran’s latest foe is now Canada which Iranian leaders sound like they’re reading off from white supremacist websites owned by the neo-Nazi National Alliance into stating how Canada is “owned” by those Joos. And yet, Leftists want to say how “Islamophobes” are neo-Nazis, but neo-Nazis embrace Iran’s outcry over Joos “controlling” Canada, go figure.
  • Occupy Wall Street is admitting that it’s members are mostly filled with disillusioned Obama supporters who voted for him in 2008.
  • The Communist Party USA is praising another atrocious government program known as Workers’ Compensation, when that starts going bankrupt, wait til they run to try to save it, play class warfare by accusing those who want to stop the government from supporting it as “hurting” the workers. Even though the program going bankrupt by default exposes how flawed this concept of a program really is.
  • Uh oh, the Reds in the USA better divorce their counterparts in Vietnam for thinking that maybe spending so much on government programs isn’t such a good idea after all…they’ll always have the New York Times on their side to attack the Red Vietnamese as “crony Capitalists” even though the NYT “journalists” and other Leftists supported their rise to power in Vietnam.
  • Don’t expect the Japanese to go to war with the Kremlin, as they are now dependent on Russia for natural gas and other resources.
  • Iranian-state run television promotes the neo-Fascist American Third Position Party who claims how the Joos are “holding” Obama hostage, say wasn’t wRONg Paul and his minions corresponding with this guy and his political party?
  • The “moderate” Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine was responsible for firing a rocket into Israel, it’s the same group that helped organized the 9/11 attacks.
  • Mohamed Morsi has sent his Muslim Brotherhood minions to embrace their counterparts ruling Gaza.

And ending the Evil Empire/Obama Nation/Clintonista Round Ups, another “moderate” Palestinian group known as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine has condemned both the Republican and Democratic parties for displaying “racism” but hey firing rockets at Jews while they sleep in their homes from civilian buildings isn’t.  Not to mention celebrating suicide bombers too.

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