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Paul Qaeda/Obama Nation/Clitonista Round Ups: All Roads Lead To Washington Controlling Your Health Edition

Posted by mah29001 on June 30, 2012

Yep, Mitt Romney flirting the idea with a Paul as a possible VP choice, and wRONg Paul’s own association with advocates who wanted this law like Barney Frank to Bill Maher are all in support of Washington telling people how to live their life.  The healthcare law in reality is nothing more than another free lunch program being designed to setup to make the American people dependent upon the government.  A free lunch program is initially set for those whom are poor and cannot afford to give meals to their children, the healthcare law is supposed to stop insurers from dropping those with pre-existing conditions, except here’s the precise problem it does more than that by actually punishing anyone whom does not sign onto the program with tax hikes gutting their pay something which ironically when Obama was running for President was against it but likely inserted it to please the Clintons.

But don’t get me wrong here, Mitt Romney supports the same vile law as well, as do some of the other Republican contenders whom have since dropped out like Newt Gingrich to even Rick Santorum.  All in all, a law like this is a bad idea if it is presented in a bad light which it already is, it’s no different from let’s say the Los Angeles City Council screwing up why reusable bags should be reusable by forcing people to use them when it’d be more expensive for them to do so.  Anyway, here’s more on the Paul Qaeda/Obama Nation/Clintonista Round Ups:

  • You know it wouldn’t be funny, but it’s ironic how the Workers’ World Party wants a “People’s Assembly” to go after law enforcement in the name of fighting police brutality but they want more government programs to take “care” of the people.
  • Members of the Communist Party USA are happy that their fellow travelers in Washington D.C. have legalized socialized medicine.
  • Besides American and Western universities accepting far left anti-American professors, they are also accepting anti-American professors from “moderate” Muslim countries like Indonesia which Iran praises as “analysts”.
  • Say there’s not that much difference between Obama, his O-bots and the Republican establishment with the “former” Communist United Russia Party which is gearing up to re-Sovietize Russia into brainwashing Russian youths with their Nashi wing doing most of the job.
  • It’s funny how the Revolutionary Communist Party USA likes to pretend it’s against “New World Order” conspiracy theories….but they ignore that the Kremlin run Russia Today admires people like Alex Jones whom routinely promote it, and let’s not forget the Kremlin is aligned with their Red Chinese counterparts.
  • Apparently the Obama administration is not saying a word about the Egyptian President elect Mohamed Morsi promising to release the mastermind behind the 1993 WTC bombing.
  • Trouble in paradise, it seems that foreign Leftists are the ones feeling the pinch against the “moderate” Palestinian Authority, gee when will they start protesting them as much as they do with Israel? Probably never, and if Hamas does the same thing they won’t protest Hamas either.

And ending the Paul Qaeda/Obama Nation/Clintonista Round Ups, the Red Chinese indeed want the same technology that NASA has, along with other members of the space community.  How did the Red Chinese acquire such technology in the first place?  From the Kremlin?  From Slick Willie?

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