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Paul Qaeda/Obama Nation/Clintonista Round Ups: James David Manning, The Birther “Prophet” Takes The Same Page As His “Anti-Christ” Obama Edition

Posted by mah29001 on March 24, 2012

Oh indeed so, James David Manning, the arch YouTube Birther and conspiracy theorist has taken the same page that Obama has openly done not reviewing all the facts that havne’t come in over the shooting death of Trayvon Martin which Trayvon’s supporters claim that race was involved as a factor, but George Zimmerman, and his family come from a mixed multi-racial background along with the Zimmerman’s having long-time African-American family friends.

All it could be was a possible accident that could have happened, and not race being played any part of it, yet Trayvon supporters continue to retain into claiming that George Zimmerman made some racially motivated comments before killing the teen in question, even though the 911 tapes prove otherwise.  Even Obama himself has come out to already help charge George Zimmerman with a crime without a fair trial or due process.

And yet why does someone like James David Manning end up also joining the chorus too with Al Sharpton?  Anyway, here’s more on the Paul Qaeda, Obama Nation, Clintonista Round Ups:

  • Looks like Obama and James David Manning are on the same page as the Workers’ World Party whom are exploiting this event for their own personal gain.
  • Members of the Communist Party USA are also pushing the same page as well over the death of Trayvon Martin.
  • The Iranian-state run PressTV also seems to agree with Obama too, is that why he’s delaying action on Iran during an election year even though Iran may get a nuke?
  • Of course the wRONg Paul, Paulbots are also weighing in on the Trayvon Martin episode, along with Paul’s supporter Alex Jones.
  • Ever why the USA always loses its wars?  It seems that a top Brigadier General wants Communist Cuba taken off the terror list of states that sponsor terrorism.
  • Although Newt Gingrich condemned Obama for exploiting the Trayvon Martin matter, he has joined Obama in condemning the shooting without looking at the facts, even the Mitt Romney campaign also joined in as well.

And ending the Paul Qaeda, Obama Nation, Clintonista Round Ups, think legalizing marijuana is a good thing?  Then expect the far left labor unions to take control over it, along with the very same kind of criminals that were supposed to be disarmed if marijuana were supposed to be legalized.


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