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Evil Empire/Paul Qaeda Round Ups: I Guess Leftists Won’t Count Themselves As Haters Edition

Posted by mah29001 on February 6, 2012

Isn’t it seem so the obvious here? The far left uses Stalinist-like style in accusing anyone whom is against their cause to be a “hater”. Especially if you’re a proponent of Israel, Zionism is “racism”, along with also “Islamophobia” is also “racism”. Even though blaming da Joos for Islamophobia isn’t hate.

That is the crazy world the far left live in….and why it seems that we may face our own destruction if we continue onward with this path, here’s more on the Evil Empire/Paul Qaeda Round Ups:

  • It’s so the obvious, the far left and their Islamic radical allies in Kashmir are pushing the same libelous tone into stating how da Joos are working with the Indians in stopping terrorism against India.
  • Sounds like Yusuf al-Qaradawi’s online publication is demanding that Republican candidates for President do not promote “Islamophobia” but they have no problem with wRONg Paul stating it’s okay for Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.
  • Iranian-state run television PressTV is describing how pro-Hezbollah propagandist Franklin Lamb is an “international lawyer”. I guess that doesn’t count for victims of Hezbollah nor victims of Iranian sponsored terrorism….
  • The Workers’ World Party continues to be on the same page as the late John Murtha whom accused U.S. soldiers of being behind a massacre in Haditha. Gee, weren’t these hypocrites celebrating the Taliban whom have been known to pour acid on Afghan girls?
  • The Communist Party USA is repeating the message of wRONg Paul, along with Obama and anyone else whom wishes to cut the military….and which other militaries are building up, but none other than Russia and China.
  • Of course the Russians still are the ones whom have the Cold War mentality, as they are the ones whom are building a missile shield for their own “self-defense” from NATO.
  • Guess which “former” Soviet Republic still has a very large poor population….the Ukraine, and Communists always love to harp about the growing poverty here in the USA when they’ll create a far worse system?

And oddly enough, the Communist Party USA is celebrating wRONg Paul as a puppet for Romney and Obama machine.  Ever wonder why Paul’s so chummy with pro-Obama politicians like Barney Frank and Alan Grayson whom agree with Romney that the government should run healthcare?


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