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Evil Empire/Obama Nation/Paul Qaeda Round Ups: Wikipedia Rushes Toward Russia Today To Hype About Censorship In The USA Edition

Posted by mah29001 on January 20, 2012

And just WHY can’t we talk about censorship going on in Russia? Any takers? Nope, and yet Wikipedia founder is apparently kowtowing toward the Kremlin-run Russia Today which is HAPPY to bring the founder on the show. It’s quite interesting that Russia is taking both sides, the Kremlin hopes that Obama would be re-elected, but at the same time their media outlet puppets like Russia Today back a controlled opposition through people like Alex Jones and even wRONg Paul.

Now why would Russia Today be the first media outlet to promote Wikipedia’s founder?  Sounds very suspicious, I am pretty sure censorship in Russia is far worse than what even the SOPA and PIPA bills have to offer.  Strange that it’s the same Hollywood executives whom employ wealthy Leftist celebrities like Charlie Sheen are also the ones whom are also pushing this hype too.  Here’s more:

  • It turns out that a long-time wRONg Paul supporter whom is affiliated with the Los Angeles County Republican Party is promoting pro-Islamist and anti-Semitic propaganda.  Wouldn’t the Obama campaign be happy to see that there is someone more Jeremiah Wright than Wright himself supporting Paul if Paul was the nominee?
  • I wonder if the accused Hezbollah Thai operative must be working for VeteransToday.com, after all, the Hezbollah operative made similar comments that Gordon Duff has been stating on his website that the Joos are “behind” international terrorism.
  • Quite the obvious, members of the Afghan Parliament are on the side of the Taliban, and using the cover of civilian casaulties as a ruse, while the Afghan government itself pushes for “peace talks” with the same Taliban.
  • Good old Ramsey Clark, always ready to stick up with genocidal maniacs, especially if they run a government like Iran and want nuclear weapons and state “Death to America” and “Death to the Jews”.
  • Hamas still retains its popularity in the Palestinian territories, even in the West Bank.  No wonder they cheered on the 9/11 attacks when it happened.

And ending the Evil Empire/Obama Nation/Paul Qaeda Round Ups, got the Red World Order in space?  Apparently it seems the Russians want to cooperate with NASA and NASA’s European counterparts on building a colony on the moon.  How is this bad?  If a Russian nuke could be transfered to the moon and aim down below….


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