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Yet More Nigerians Are Being Hoodwinked By Gordon Duff And His Anti-American Lies On The Boko Haram

Posted by mah29001 on December 30, 2011

Nope, Gordon Duff will never detail that a former Nigerian dictator is being a mediator between the Boko Haram and the Nigerian government nor that his supporters whom are Islamic radicals are helping the Boko Haram….but instead more and more Nigerians are being hoodwinked into believing that Gordon Duff is a journalist? Since when has Gordon Duff written anything as journalistic?

He’s an anti-Israel propagandist whom believes that Israel was “behind” 9/11 and routinely is on Iranian and Russian-state run televisions like PressTV for Iran and Russia Today for Russia.  The fact that Nigerians are believing in this hogwash by this disgraceful individual exposes how harmful Gordon Duff really is toward his own country that he despises.  He does not seem to mind to have it also both ways into stating how Adolf Hitler was a “founder” of Zionism before deciding to have the wife of Ernst Zundel promote propaganda in favor of Hitler and his National Socialist ideology.

Who does that?  Who goes around and stating that Zionism was “founded” by Adolf Hitler then let’s a wife of a holocaust denier work for him?  It makes no sense, and yet he’s somehow labeled as a journalist by hoodwinked Nigerians whom believe his nonsense over Boko Haram being a “front” for the U.S. government or even Israel?  What a big joke.  Gordon Duff is a fraud and a pathetological liar.

They always like to makeup stories of “Zionist plots” that are not even real or true.  The fact that I have to write about Gordon Duff, is because of there are so many stupid people whom would believe his tales of lies….especially if they happen to be citizens of a major oil producing nation like Nigeria.  Gee, who really seems to be benefitting from Gordon Duff’s disinformation?  Not the USA, but possibly Iran and Russia as well.

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