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Evil Empire Round Up: Ron Paul Better Thank His Lucky Stars We’re Not Fighting An Alien Emperor Edition

Posted by mah29001 on July 31, 2011

Because Ron Paul would sound EXACTLY like the fictional President in the new Duke Nukem Forever video game.  Yes indeed, that’s who may replace Obama in the coming 2012 election if and when the economic crisis becomes much worse.  He apparently has no concerns for the people of Belarus under its brutal dictator, now there are new anti-protest laws promoted by the government of Belarus itself!

Anyway, here’s more on the Evil Empire Round Up:

  • No one who is “Libertarian” that favors a “non-interventionist” foreign policy will care that Belarus is a dictatorship, funny how some of them scream the loudest that we’re in a dictatorship…but then they behave in such a manner that demand the media to focus only on Ron Paul as the only “solution” and “savior” of the USA.
  • I am pretty sure that Ron Paul’s not going to support calling out Russia for its interventionist foreign policy against Georgia anytime soon. His friends over at Lewrockwell.com endorsed the 2008 war instigated by Russia against Georgia and his buddy Alex Jones went on Russia Today to go against his own country.
  • It seems that energy drinks are going to be labeled “un-Islamic” by Chechnya’s “pro”-Russian government.
  • Don’t try to protest against Iran’s interventionist foreign policy in Kurdistan in nothern Iraq…that must be okay to some people. But if we do it, we’re the bad guys.
  • North Korea will never become like its Homefront video game version, since it still relies on the Red Chinese to continue to send food to their own people.
  • Seems like the neo-Khmer regime ruling Cambodia sees the overspending and devaluation of the U.S. dollar to be the Left of it!  Even the Red Chinese and their mouth piece came out recently condemning the USA’s debt crisis.  Is their goal to place someone like RP in charge to sink the USA as a global power thanks with the help of Obama’s spending spree?  I guess that might be a motive why Russia Today loves him to come onto their channel so much.
  • Guess who wants the Burmese ethnic rebels to play nice with ruling pro-junta puppets? Aung San Suu Kyi has come out to demand the ethnic rebels to disarm and stop their fighting with the junta controlled government.  And yet you got even left-wing Hollywood celebrities like Jim Carrey believing that Aung San Suu Kyi was the real deal, when her father was the founder of the Burmese Communist Party where his offspring were split between supporting a “multi-party” state versus a one-party government.
  • Why is the Ukranian government purchasing Red Chinese naval carrier vessels?

And ending the Evil Empire Round Up, it’s quite the obvious the global press has helped top Iranian military leaders to blame Israel for the cause of the Norway tragedy.  Isn’t it quite the obvious the “international community” wishes to agree with Iran’s government to seek Israel’s end?  And not to mention demand the USA to elect/select its leaders like Obama and Ron Paul who’d help them out?


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